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PORSCHE Carrera GT Instructions

Hello, dear friends!
I finally finished the instructions for my Carrera GT.

I tryed to use popular parts as much as possible. This time I give you 2 color scheme. You can choose either or both (Discount for both)

- 1:10 scale
- realistic Carrera GT V10 piston engine in mini scale
- full independent suspension
- rear wheel drive
- HOG steering with working steering wheel
- openable door, hood and trunk
- rising rear spoiler
- doors with shock absorbers

Photo gallery and instruction sample:
Carrera GT - RED

Carrera GT - BLACK
Instructions Samples


Buy instructions:
RED (10€) [PDF, ~50mb]
BLACK (10€) [PDF, ~50mb]

BOTH (RED & BLACK) (12€) [ZIP (2 PDF files), ~90mb]

After payment you will be redirected to PDF (or ZIP) file link, but I will send a copy of files to your email. If you have any questions, contact me. (artemyzotov@gmail.com)
Please dont upload this instruction to internet and dont sell it.

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